These are some of the fun projects and jobs that I have been a part of! Most of these illustrations were created by me and can be found online and in print media! Enjoy!

The Fabeled Uniques

The Fabeled Uniques are a group of 10 unicorn friends with their own unique strengths and talents. Some of them are very fast, can bend elements like water and fire or just have a huge appetite. What they have in common however is that they live together in peace and harmony under mother Inaya’s reign and conquer many adventures together. You can write their stories and explore their magical world in many products like a Colouring Book, Sticker Album, a calendar and more! Become best friends with them by checking out Panoka’s website!


Waschi, Schnuffeline, Kröti and Garti are there to guide you through the world of data protection. Together they learn with you the importance of keeping your data private, what copyright means and how you can protect yourself online. These animal friends are funny and friendly with many useful tips, so make sure to find out more about them on Berlin’s portal for data protection!

Fürchte dich nicht

A touching story told by a cute and friendly bunny called Leo. It was written by a German author, sharing an important and touching message with the reader, that will get to learn more about bunny and his life. 

Not available online yet, this book is currently in review for publishing companies, but consists of 12 carefully illustrated pages. Enjoy this heartwarming book!